La Tradition du Bien Vivre

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La Tradition du Bien Vivre

Living well means discovering and enriching oneself with beauty and kindness.
The Auberge de La Maison is a refuge of the soul, of feeling good, which includes all those who strive every day to give life to the story of hospitality of the Garin Family, which has been representing hospitality at the foot of the Mont Blanc for three generations.

Our collaborators

The tradition of the art of hosting consists precisely in making others live well through services and attentions.
The atmosphere and the welcome, yesterday as today, are a model of life that manifests itself day by day in the whole house, involving all the collaborators who live and work here.

Auberge de la Maison - Courmayeur


Auberge de La Maison Refuge du Bien Vivre Via Passerin d'Entrèves, 16 A 11013 Courmayeur (AO)

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