La Tradition du Bien Vivre

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Mont Blanc

Majestic nature, the perennial snow of Mont Blanc, the green meadows in summer, the snowy woods in winter.
Courmayeur is a special place because, despite being a tourist resort of international importance, it retains its authentic alpine atmosphere.

An authentic alpine resort

Courmayeur rises at 1,224 meters in a green valley. Framed by Mont Blanc, it is a mountain town that has managed to preserve the typical architecture and atmosphere of an alpine resort. Courmayeur is also an international tourist destination which, in addition to pure air and majestic nature, offers a wide range of leisure activities. Courmayeur is a hamlet with multiple souls where everyone can live his personal experience.

Auberge de la Maison - Courmayeur


Auberge de La Maison
Refuge du Bien Vivre
Via Passerin d'Entrèves, 16 A
11013 Courmayeur (AO)

PI 01046380075
Phone +39 0165 86 98 11

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