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Beauty Menu


Anti-stress relaxing massage (50 or 30 min.)
A relaxing massage for an immediate wealth sensation.

Sport massage (50 min.)
The points of great muscular tension are gradually relaxed and the blood circulation is restored.

Tonic massage (50 min.)
A pleasant and effective mobilization of the tissues which improve the blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.

Manual lymph drain massage (50 min.)
A classic and therapeutic massage which emphasizes toxin elimination.
It accelerates and improves lymphatic circulation, and has a deflating, anti-cellulite effect.

Full Body and Eyes (50 min.)
A massage with warm aromatic oil, extremely relaxing with a specific treatment for the eyes.

Aromatic massage (50 min.)
An extremely perfumed and relaxing massage with natural essences chosen according your needs.

Facial massage (30 min.)
A personalized and delicate massage with a draining and toning effect.


Chocolate Massage (80 min.)

The good mood massage: a scrub and a cocoa compress combined with a massage made with dark chocolate oil, which stimulates happiness.

Rêve de Miel (80 min.)
A very soft massage made with the oldest cosmetic in the world:
a scrub, a compress and finally a draining massage with honey,
which gives elasticity to your skin.

Wealth with Apples (80 min.)
A scrub and then an envelopment made with a compote of apples,
which emits lenitive, decongestant and hydrating properties.
Finally, a massage with apple oil, and your skin is smooth and revitalized.

Wealth with Black Grapes (80 min.)
Thanks to the properties of the polyphenols and antioxidants contained in grapes,
this massage is a real cure against aging; a scrub, an envelopment and finally a massage,
made with products get with Muscat, Enfer d'Arvier and Rayon grapes harvested at the
feet of the Mont-Blanc, for an elixir of youth.


Mud bath treatment compress in steam bath (80 min.)
Ancient clay ritual. This mask for the body is applied in different parts of your body and then it follows a drying process with an elevation of the temperature (dry absorption); the following introduction of steam allows taking back the mud in a damp condition (osmosis absorption).
Finally, a tropical rain mixed with essential oils which creates a deep effect of detoxication and purification.

Marrakech treatment with hammam cycle (80 min.)
Ancient purification ritual. Your skin will be prepared with aromatic steam, then exfoliated with a washcloth and black soap with olive oil and E vitamin, and finally, a tropical shower rinse mixed with essential oils.


Citrus Fruit Revitalizing Treatment (60 min)
Citrus fruits treatment with enriched with sea water and Laminaria seaweed gives reducing effect, revitalizing and re-mineralising.

3 tea Anti-age 3 Treatment (60 min)
3 Tea serums wrapping: green tea, white tea and black tea with effect anti-radicals enriched with seaweed, gives tonicity and improve the cell renewal.

Toning Treatment with Spirulina seaweed (50 min)
Spirulina seaweed treatment formulated to nourish and give elasticity to the skindue to vitamin A and vegetables proteins.

Polenta exfoliation and essential oils (50 min.)
A natural treatment involving a deep purification of the skin with polenta herbs scented.

Dermato - purifing gommage (50 min.)
It purifies the skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and velvety.


Cleansing facial treatment (70 min.)
Dermato-cleansing treatment made with beauty products chosen based on your skin type.

"Special for Man" facial cleansing (70 min.)
A cleansing treatment made with specific male beauty products.

Crash treatment with seaweed fluids (60 min.)
A hydrating treatment for dry skin.


Advanced Biogen revitalizing treatment (60 min.)
A revitalizing treatment for tired and stressed skins. It gives energy and vigour stimulating the metabolism, it causes the cells regeneration leaving a smooth skin.

Special anti - age and lifting HSR (70 min.)
A real cure which reduces at once the signs of old age, hydrates and tones the skin.

Special calming sensitive (60 min.)
A specific treatment for sensitive skins with redness and couperose which gives a smooth and calming effect.

Special impure skins (60 min.)
A treatment for impure and mixed skins which regulates the sebum, hydrates the skin, refines the pores and purifies the skin.

Collagen treatment (60 min.)
It acts against the expression lines and the little wrinkles carrying out a toning up effect.

Complex C treatment (60 min.)
A real Vitaminic cocktail with the addition of A and E vitamins for a vitalizing effect, able to give to your skin freshness and elasticity.

Seaweed oxygenating treatment (60 min.)
A treatment made with a seaweed mask which smoothes and tones up
the skin thanks to its active principles.

Beauty for eyes and lips (30 min.)
A treatment based on marine active principles which fights all the signs of the aging, shadows and eyelids heaviness. The mask for the lips moist and gives turgor.

Babororganic rock crystal treatment (70 min.)
Leave the stress of everyday life behind and experience beauty in its purest form: the baborganic treatment at the institute surprises with a soft, snowflake-like feeling on the skin and an extraordinary massagewith real rock crystals. An experience of pure indulgence


Aesthetic manicure
Aesthetic pedicure
Curative pedicure

Hands and feet beauty to paraffin treatment ( 45 min.)
A special treatment which gives moisturizing hands and feet

Waxing with honey wax