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Maison d'eau

SPA au coeur du Mont-Blanc

Maison d’Eau is on floor -1, you can access it by using your room key card.
When entering the centre please wear the bathrobe and slippers provided in your room.

Swimming pool – whirlpool

The floor of the indoor and outdoor panoramic swimming pool slopes gently to reach a maximum depth of 1.20 m, the water is kept at a constant temperature of 35°.

The alpine waterfall aids loosening tense muscles in the cervical area. By producing a natural soft and gentle delicate massage, the whirlpool water jets revitalise the senses.

Exclusive geysers bubbling up from the bottom of the outdoor part of the pool produce a pleasant massaging sensation resembling the water flows of thermal springs.

Swimming pool, relaxation area, massages and wellness treatments are available from 10.00 to 20.00.

Children under 14 may use the pool between 10.00 and 20.00 provided they are accompanied by an adult.

Sauna – Steam Bath


Of Arab origin, the steam or Turkish Bath as it is traditionally known, is an enclosed space filled with warm, damp steam used to cleanse the skin. A relaxing cloud of water drops softens the tissues and fosters breathing with pleasant aromatic vapour. To gain maximum benefit from the steam bath we recommend first taking a hot shower and entering wet. Use the mini showers provided to rinse the bench before and after using the cabin.

In olden times the Finns invented a construction known as a warm house heated by wood stoves topped with stones onto which water was thrown to produce a blast of damp heat to counter the low temperatures. When this dry, intense heat pervades the body, it induces quick, deep sweating which causes the body to flush out excess liquids and eliminate metabolic waste, loosen muscles, balance sleep-wakefulness and strengthen the immune system. The best method to use the Finnish sauna is by having a preparatory hot shower with mild soap, enter dry and lie down on your bathing towel.

Wellness opening hours (sauna and steam bath) from 15.30 to 20.00.

Bathing garments are compulsory. Children under 16 are not admitted.

Auberge de La Maison

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