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Beauty services

Honey wax hair removal
Full leg and bikini line
Part leg
Bikini line
Upper lip
Beauty manicure (about 50 min)
Beauty pedicure (about 50 min)

Hands and feet beauty

Spa Manicure (50 min)
A cuddle for hands: a bath in the salts from Officina Profumo FarmaceuticaSanta Maria Novella, followed by a special compress with soothing effect fromthe SMN almond paste and a final massage that gives smoothness and hydrates the skin of the hands.

Spa Pedicure (50 min)
A cuddle for feet: a bath in the salts from Officina Profumo FarmaceuticaSanta Maria Novella, followed by a peel and a special compress withsoothing effect. A final refreshing and invigorating massage with theSMN feet cream that gives relief to your tired feet

Body beauty and wellbeing

Salt and Hay scrub (50 min)
An aromatized scrub followed by a tailored massage. It helps remove dead cellsand leaves the skin soft, silky and rejuvenated.

Polenta scrub (50 min)
A traditional biological purifying scrub made with stone-ground polenta mixed upwith mountain herb seasoned oils, followed by a tailored massage.

Deep nourishing treatment using alpine pasture butter (50 min)
For this treatment butter cream and hay are used, which are followed by the applicationof a mask rounded off with a precious lotion massage.

Hot hay treatment for back and cervical muscles (50 min)
Specific treatment to unlock contracted muscles and loosen the back and cervical muscles.Localised brushing, application of a precious extract of alpine herbs and heated pillow are followed by a massage with hot oil to complete this deep wellness treatment.


Relaxation Massage (50 min.)
A relaxing massage made with gentle and enveloping strokes that createa deep-seated feeling of wellbeing, it loosens the muscles, stimulatescirculation and helps restore inner calm.

Deep Tissue Massage (50 min.)
A vigorous massage that acts directly on the muscles, looseningand unlocking contracted muscles.

Detox Draining Massage
(50 min)
This massage drains excess liquids, it eliminates toxins and it helps blood circulation. The massage uses an oil rich in detoxifying active ingredients that guarantees a senseof lightness and overall wellbeing.

Chandelier Massage (50 min)
A hot relaxing massage using selected vegetable butter candles that, as they melt,release a precious perfumed oil that nourishes and hydrates the skin during themassage. It evokes a unique feeling of total and deep-seated relaxation.

Alpine Aromatic Full Body and Eye Massage (50 min)
An enveloping massage made with a hot oil from Officina Profumo FarmaceuticaSanta Maria Novella, aromatised with natural essences personally selectedby the guest, it harmonises body, mind and spirit. A beneficial therapy speciallydesigned for the eye area rounds off the relaxation treatment.

Back and cervical muscles Massage (25 min.)
Relaxing massage that soothes shoulder and cervical muscles rigidity.

Lower limb Massage (25 min.)
Revitalising massage that reactivates blood circulation and gives lightnessthanks to the hay extract, alpine herbs and blueberries.

Feet Massage (25 min.)
Invigorating and refreshing massage that soothes tiredness thanksto the feet cream of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella.

Personal spa refuge du Mont-Blanc

It is possible to book the wellness refuge for exclusive personal use in order to experience alpine relaxation to the full. It includes hay bath (hay bio-sauna using hay and mountain herbs), a wooden hydro massage bath, two hay beds. A tailored treatment to achieve overall calm and serenity.

Exclusive use of Refuge du Mont-Blanc:
Thé Nostalgie Ritual
1 h 30 min plus selection of teas and biscuits per person

Mont-Blanc Ritual
1 h 30 min plus a bottle of Glacier Classic Method, Cave Mont Blanc with a selection of cold meats and cheeses from Aosta Valley

Grignotage au Refuge Ritual
1 h 30 plus a bottle of Champagne Deutz Brut Classic with a selection of cold meats and cheeses from Aosta Valley, mixed fruit bowlper person and dessert of the day

Hay Bed (50 min) Alone or for couple
The airways and skin absorb the beneficial active ingredients of mountainherbs thanks to an ancient procedure consisting of a gently warm andmoisturised hay bath.This treatment is rounded off with a hay bed rest thatdetoxifies and recharges the body with great energy.

Alpine flower and herb bath (80 min) Alone or for couple
A moment of deep relaxation thanks to the alpine bath prepared with atailored infusion of selected alpine flowers and herbs. This ritual endswith a hay biosauna and a rest on hay beds.

Ancient "Semplici caldi” Body Ritual (50 min)Alone or for couple
A beneficial body brush is followed by a balancing and cleansing massagecarried out using hot bundles of hay and alpine herbs soaked in medicinaloil and herbal extracts. This favours the release of energy and the expulsionof toxins, loosens tension and deeply relaxes mind and body.
(this treatment needs to be prepared in advance and it has to be booked at least 2 hours earlier)

Secret des Alpes treatments

Alpine Juniper Wellness (50 min)
This decontracting, embracing and intensely balsamic scented scrub is madewith juniper berries and it is followed by a juniper oil-based massage, whichtakes to a deep sense of calm by giving wellness.

Red Grape Wellness (50 min)
Thanks to the polyphenols and antioxidants contained in grapes, this is a genuineanti-aging treatment. The treatment involves a body scrub and massage using apreparation made of Muscat, Enfer and Rayon grapes harvested at the foot ofMont Blanc to create elixir of youth.

Russet Apple (50 min)
This body scrub containing Russet apple compote has cleansing, decongestant,soothing and hydrating properties. The apple oil massage makes the skin smoothand rejuvenated.

Facial wellness - Essential Treatments

Cleansing Facial Treatment for Men and Women (50 min)
Skin cleansing treatment using products chosen according to skin type.

Treatment tailored to your personal needs (50 min)
Tailored moisturizing, cleansing and soothing treatment for sensitive skins orbalancing according to individual needs.

Ancient "Semplici caldi” Facial Ritual (50 min)
A gentle facial brush followed by hand massage techniques to tone up face,neck and cleavage. Specific hand strokes follow the skin stress lines removing thesigns of age. It invigorates and oxygenates underlying tissue and it revitalises the skin .
(this treatment needs to be prepared in advance and it has to be booked at least 2 hours earlier)

Facial beauty - Special treatments

Brightening Treatment (50 min)
Suitable for all types of skin, for this intensive treatment a wheat germ oil and pollenextract of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella is used. It immediatelyleaves the skin replenished, revitalised and radiant.

Special intensive anti-age Treatment (50 min)
An authentic beauty treatment for face, neck and cleavage based on activeingredients of concentrate Hyaluronic acid and on strong stimuli of cellularreceptors which noticeably reduces skin aging. It leaves the skin smooth, firm yet elastic.

Lifting effect face massage (30 min)
This massage gives turgidity and vigour, by stretching the lines and appeasingthe aging and expression signs.

Eye and Lip Beauty (30 min)
A treatment based on micro-collagen and vegetable extracts to effectively contrastaging, dark circles, puffiness and heavy eyelids. The mask hydrates and plumps the lips.

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